I’m Josh and Bungalow ’23 is the restoration and home improvement journal of my 1923 craftsman bungalow in Minneapolis, MN. My home improvement philosophy is equal parts preservationist and progressive. I love push-button light switches and low-VOC paint; original wood windows and water-conserving plumbing fixtures; push-reel lawnmowers and lithium-ion batteries. As a DIYer, I’m not afraid to try something new once I have the right tools and know-how. I’ve learned a lot from other DIYers over the years and I hope you’ll find me a helpful resource as you work to make your own home—new or old—more beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

Email contact: bungalow23(at)gmail.com

I am a proud member of the Twin Cities Bungalow Club and the Houseblogs online community.

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