Dining Table or Transformer?

June 23, 2011
Table top opening thumbnail

It might not be a car that turns into a robot, but what other than “transformer” do you call a table that can change from a 42″ round pedestal to a 102″ five-legged banquet?  Optimus Table?  Tablemus Prime? Ususally I just call it my dining room table. I first showed the new-to-me table and chairs […]

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Refrigerator Gets Schoolhouse Globe Stripes

June 6, 2011
refrigerator with paint stripes thumbnail

When I hung the schoolhouse light fixtures in my kitchen a few weeks back, readers suggested that I try painting stripes on my inexpensive big box lights like the ones on the expensive schoolhouse globes I loved at the specialty lighting shops.  But with all the curves on the globes, I wan’t at all confident […]

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Announcing the True Value DIY Blog Squad

June 2, 2011
Brainstorm thumbnail

They like me! That must be why True Value Hardware has included me in their DIY Blog Squad for a third straight year.  As before, True Value is providing me with $1,000 to spend on the materials and tools I need to take on projects here at Bungalow ’23.  Then I’ll share my progress in […]

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Finishing the Kitchen Alcove

May 29, 2011
Finished kitchen alcove

When I last wrote about my kitchen project I showed the exterior side of converting the old back door to a new alcove for the refrigerator.  This time the work shifts indoors with a before-and-after comparison of this part of the kitchen. I had already removed the door, framed the opening and faced on the […]

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3rd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour

May 14, 2011
house exterior

This post is part of a 10-site blog tour.  Follow the links at the end of the post to move forward or backward through the tour sites. Welcome to Bungalow ’23!  Whether you are a regular reader or a first-time visitor, I’m delighted to have you here for the 3rd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour.  For […]

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Wiring The Alcove

May 10, 2011
Alcove receptacle

Last time, I wrote about the change to the exterior by removing the kitchen backdoor.  On the interior, closing up the doorway allows me to finish the area as an alcove for the refrigerator.  And by moving  the refrigerator, I will be able to add some new cabinets and countertop in the fridge’s former space […]

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Removing the Kitchen Door

April 28, 2011
Two back doors

Ever since the previous owners built the tower addition off the back, our house has had an odd pair of dueling back doors.  The old back door exits the kitchen and the newer back door exits the mudroom in the tower, but from the outside the two doors are just ten feet apart on our […]

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Man Made Curtains

April 20, 2011
Curtain fabric detail

How does a man make curtains?  Apparently with little flowers on the fabric. For my first real sewing project since a duffel bag in 8th grade Home Ec, I wanted to make some cafe curtains to go with the new paint color in the kitchen.  Despite the substantial gap in my stitchery resume, I was […]

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Kitchen Lighting, Schoolhouse Style

April 14, 2011
Schoolhouse kitchen light

When Ms. Bungalow and I bought this house six years ago, one of the first things I wanted to change was the kitchen pendant lights. But then I took on other projects and added new priorities and the kitchen lights just kept hanging around. Here’s what one of those pendants looked like: It is hard […]

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Painting the Kitchen

April 11, 2011
EasyCare Platinum Paint Can

In my previous post I showed the kitchen before the start of a mini-makeover.  The first step in that low-cost kitchen update got underway when I put up a new paint color. As I mentioned last time, the paint for this project is being provided by True Value Hardware from their new paint line: EasyCare Platinum […]

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