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Weekend Discoveries

by Josh on May 6, 2008 · 8 comments

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Every old house owner gets surprised now and then. Sometimes the surprises are bad, like when you discover a broken drain pipe. And sometimes the surprises are good, like when you find buried treasure in your yard. If you’re lucky, the good surprises outnumber the bad. I can’t claim to be keeping strict accounting of […]


Dear, Carrie W.

by Josh on July 5, 2006 · 4 comments

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When you were in grade school, did you ever write a note to that special boy or girl in your class? You know, the kind of note where your turgid adolescent emotions can be summed up by the phrase, “I like you like you.” What if that note– cross-outs, misspellings, and grammatical errors included– was […]


Old Drawer Liner

by Josh on January 20, 2006 · 4 comments

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While dismantling the storage drawers and shelves in the basement workshop, I found some interesting old paper lining a couple of the drawers. The papers date from the house’s “parsonage era” from 1952 to 1973 when it was owned by the last Norwegian-language Lutheran church in the city and occupied by Norwegian pastors. It was […]


Quality Worth Crowing About

by Josh on September 4, 2005 · 0 comments

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The rooster doesn’t have the same marketing power he once did. That’s my guess, anyway, after finding a very old newpaper ad for Marvels Cigarettes stuck to a shelf in my basement storeroom. The ad features a rooster logo and the groan-inducing tagline, “Quality worth crowing about.”


For my first history entry, I’m starting with one of the most obvious mysteries from the house’s past: the basement storeroom. Just past the boiler, tucked into a corner of the basement is a storeroom lined with shelves like the one pictured above. Along the edge of the shelves are labels of years running from […]

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