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Here’s another project that got a bit bigger than I was expecting. I have a lovely “Josephine” clematis that I want to plant between the backyard gate and the house as a replacement for grapevine that has been growing there. This is an unusual spot where a small deck is built over the top of […]


I have posted a lot about the garden and landscaping lately, but there are other things going on here, too. Before I cover any of the other stuff, though, Ms. Bungalow insisted I write a post on her fabulous work improving the little landscaping berm in the backyard. What makes this project special is that […]


O, Tomato, Where Art Thou?

by Josh on May 16, 2006 · 2 comments

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Summer has not even started and I’m already dreaming of tomatoes fresh off the vine in August. Considering how short summer is around here, any longing for summer’s end is usually reserved for skiiers and pharmicists filling prescriptions for seasonal affective disorder. But I can’t help it: I bought and planted my garden plants over […]


Grove 2.0

by Josh on April 28, 2006 · 4 comments

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New from the ground up, the second edition of the Bungalow ‘23 backyard tree grove–Grove 2.0-debuts today, on schedule and just in time for a weekend of April showers. Grove 2.0 features a completely new visual interface that has tested well in informal neighborhood focus groups. System threats in the original Grove have been addressed, […]


A Close Call

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Apparently the neighbors have noticed our recent landscaping work. We’re thankful some other folks have not. Let me explain. Last night Ms. Bungalow and FBS were taking a walk around the block while I was at a meeting. Along the way they met a friend/neighbor who asked what we had done with the aspen grove […]


In addition to a big house to maintain, we also have a big garden to manage. As with the house, the gardens–though lovely–have numerous areas that need rehabilitation. One of these areas is right out front, where the previous owners landscaped the hill with shrubs and ground cover. The design was supposed to wash the […]

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