Kitchen Improvization

by Josh on July 13, 2007 · 8 comments

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Some days you’ve just got to make it up as you go along. Like when the handle on my kitchen faucet finally broke for good after months of gradually increasing weakness and wiggling. Obviously my preferred solutions will be to replace the broken handle or get an entirely new faucet, since it also leaks a […]



by Josh on June 30, 2007 · 2 comments

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My parents just left town for a week in Florida and they asked me to watch their truck for them while they are away. (I’m taking care of their dog, too.) They just sprung this trucksitting opportunity on my yesterday and although I haven’t had much time to think about it, I’m going to pack […]


Cool Tool: Hinge Shims

by Josh on June 8, 2007 · 0 comments

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Nearly every old house has a door or two that hangs a bit crooked. I had two on the upper level that were rubbing on the floor and starting to cause some damage. This is the kind of nagging thing that is small and easy to put off. In fact, that is just what I […]


Weed Hound

by Josh on May 11, 2007 · 2 comments

in Gardens

Our boulevard is thick with dandelions this spring and I have been looking for a good non-chemical tool to clear them out. I already have a hand-held weeding tool, but for an area this large, I really wanted something I could use standing up. On a walk through the neighborhood the other day, I saw […]


New Tool: Portable Workbench

by Josh on July 15, 2006 · 0 comments

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After a recent email asking for advice on paint stripping, (Hi, Carrie!) I got motivated to start restoring the window sashes that have been sitting around for a few weeks since I removed them as part of my bedroom project. When I got the sashes to the garage and fired up the Speedheater, I soon […]